Playing in the Dirt

Planting 47 more of these beauties today. Picked last year.

Happy Saturday everyone.  I haven’t checked in for a few days,  reading non-fiction always slows me down…alright I’ve been playing with the birds too.  I went crazy at the garden stores yesterday and have a ton of plants to get in the ground, so today I will be playing in the dirt and moving manure.  Hopefully my husband will then fire up the tiller and we can get this garden started!    With all these plans to be outside I am feeling a bit guilty that my reading time is going to take a hit this week.  So I’m going to take the advice from one of my followers and give an audio book a go.  Of course now I need to figure how to download it, put it on my MP3 player and then find it on said player.  I’ll figure it out, after all I put all the music on it.

Anyway, I’ve picked and downloaded two titles, in case one of them doesn’t appeal to me. I’ll let you find out which one I pick or stick with when I write the review.  I’ll also let you know what I think of listening to a book rather then reading it.  Have a great weekend, I hope it is sunny and warm where you are. I picked(as always click on the picture to visit book’s Goodread page):

The Golem and the Jinni           Notes from the Internet Apocalypse


Well after several hours and much yelling at the dog to get out of the way as I hunted for different devises and their damn cords… I have about given up on listening to a damn audio book.  My selection Notes from the Internet Apocalypse is only available in a wav file, so I have replaced it with the following choice.  I swear this is more trouble than it is worth.  If I had just gone with music I could have had all the chores done by now.

InterWorld (Interworld, #1)


4 thoughts on “Playing in the Dirt

  1. Maybe if you download the Audible app and listen through them. They have a fantastic selection of books, and some great narrators. They also have a pretty decent subscription plan if you wish. And I think you get the first book free for signing up. But they are linked to Amazon (or maybe even owned by Amazon) So you might not like that. But the app is reliable. And speaking of, I am taking my first plunge into urban fantasy. I am listening to Hounded, book 1 of the Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne. The narration is excellent and funny. Could not be happier with my first choice.


    1. I’ll look into it. For now I give up. I could not get the book to play right on the mp3 player I got them to download from. I may try getting an audio book on CD from the library and transferring it that way. For now thought the story kept jumping around and it felt like I was missing huge parts of the action, but that could be the story I picked. We have the physical book in the library will check to see if the story breaks in strange places. When it started out though it was odd to hear the story in some one else’s voice. I also found myself not paying attention. So perhaps a car trip would be a better option, when I’m not thinking about what plant goes where and is the dog leaving the horse alone… Oh well, going to grab my music and head back out. Thanks for the tip. I’ll also look into the book you mentioned. Glad you like it!


    1. I’ve discovered that my mp3 players are just to simplistic. When I downloaded one of the books to my phone using the overdrive app it worked fine. I am also like you, I don’t care to listen while I work. I rather sing.


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