May Reading Plan and a Complaint…

Welcome to the begining of another month of reading here at Read What I Like.  I have been in a little bit of a reading slump so to start off the month I will try a non-fiction book to reset myself.  I have the upcoming reads listed on my To Read Soon page, which I will be updating shortly.  The list isn’t set in stone, as I may add review books I commit to reading as I come across them.  I’m hoping the weather will warm up soon and I can get my hands dirty in the garden soon.  I would also like to get in some more bike rides, so reading time may slow down.  If you are into gardening and animal feel free to follow me at Instagram where I share all the pictures from my life outside the blog.

April was a better reading month than I expected.  I finished 15 books, two of them were DNF’s though.   Not too bad.  I will be posting the review for the last book I finished yesterday in a review post after this one.   I did reach 200 followers in April and decided to host a book giveaway to thank everyone.  You can enter on the Giveaway page to the right, giveaway ends May 12, 2014 at 8 p.m.  Must confess it is not going that well.  Have not received one entry.  It is probably too soon or the prize is not enticing enough.  Oh well, I tried and will leave it open the entire two weeks I committed to.  If nobody enters I will just take the page down and wait until the blog is more popular, or not, I’m not completely sure.  I guess the only reward you all want is my honest and sometimes witty reviews…  I’m good with that, saves on postage.

April ended on a sour note for me.  An author of a series I really enjoy released his latest book as an Amazon exclusive for three months.  NOT cool.  As a loyal Nook and B&N fan I was a little ticked off.  The book is Vampire Sun, by J.R. Rain and here is the review comment I posted over on Goodreads explaining my reaction and decision to abandon the series.

Nook owners have to wait three months to buy book. NOT COOL! Seriously thinking about giving up this series all together. Feel like I am being punished for owning a Nook.

These notes are mainly for my own records:
After going to bed ticked off about what happen with the release with this book, I’ve decided to “break up” with the author. I’m done. I need to stand by my principles and they are telling me what he and Amazon pulled is not fair to the Nook readers. As a librarian I believe all readers regardless of income, status, or origin should have equal access to a book. Through this limited release they are trying to force the consumer, or reader’s, hand and dictate who we should buy from. This is wrong in my opinion. Essentially we were not invited to the party. Oh sure we can go buy the book from Amazon and stop complaining, but we shouldn’t have to. I am loyal to my Nook. I don’t care for reading books on my Kindle, its configuration and navigation is awkward, the battery dies and there are no page numbers. I also don’t care for many of Amazon’s business practices. They are becoming the Wal-Mart of online shopping….that isn’t a compliment. Then there is the argument of just wait the three months and read the book then. Yeah great, we spend three months avoiding all the spoilers that will be posted by the Kindle readers. Again NOT FAIR. We miss out in the excitement of a new release and reviewing it and sharing with others. In three months this book will no longer be new. We will have missed the party. So while I am only punishing myself, as I’m sure the author could care less that one fan from Iowa is upset, I will no longer be reading or buying this series. I did enjoy it, and I’m a little sad that I won’t be reading about Ms. Moon anymore, but again I have to do what I think is right(just like the author did).

I guess this is another reason not to go to bed angry, you end up waking up and writing a negative blog post…


So there we have it kiddies.  I look forward to sharing with you my thoughts on what I read in May and reading about all your reads as well.  Hope we all have a great month!


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