Monday Morning Question:What easily distracts you when you’re reading?



Happy Monday morning everyone!  I hope you all had a good weekend.  Much of mine was spent researching and setting up a book giveaway for the blog once we reach a combined 200 followers (combined Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress).  Only six away and then I will make the giveaway active.  There lot to learn about the legal aspects of giving anything away, you can’t just throw throw up a prize and ask people to fill out an entry.  Anyway, back to topic.  This morning I ask What easily distracts you when you’re reading?


For me…almost everything.  I like quiet.  I don’t have a tv or radio on at home or work when I am by myself.  When my husband is home he often listens to music or Turkish news on Youtube, most of  the time loud enough for our neighbors a mile away to be able to hear it… not really, but still pretty loud.  So when he is home and I want to read I will wear earplugs.  If I hear a conversation or music I will start listening to it rather than concentrate on the story.  Push come to shove I can still read, but it takes me a bit to get into the groove and I end up reading much slower.  This is also why I don’t bother bringing a book if I have to wait for an appointment.  You have people talking and often a tv or music playing.  There are just too many distractions.  If I’m waiting in my car that’s fine I can read, but not in the waiting room.   This is also why I don’t read in the car.  My husband wants to listen to music or heaven forbid talk radio (yuck).  So in an effort to avoid that talk radio I agree to music.  This summer we are going on our longest road trip, 10+ hours, so I am looking into some good audio books that will appeal to both of us, even with our vastly different reading tastes.  How about you?  Are you like me and need quiet to read or could you still read with a parade going through the middle of your living room?


6 thoughts on “Monday Morning Question:What easily distracts you when you’re reading?

  1. It depends on how I’m feeling. If I really feel like reading, I can read in a lot of situations. Though, if I don’t really want to read as much as I did another day, I’d probably try to keep a peaceful setting–or not read at all (I’m going through a reading slump right now…).


    1. I’ve been in one most of the weekend, I’m thinking it is the book I’m currently reading, so I’m giving up. The pages just fly by when the book clicks, but once you hit a few that don’t it almost becomes a chore…


  2. It depends on the book. If my husband is watching hockey, I can read with that on as long as it’s a good book that I can get into. For the most part, I need silence, or at least quiet.


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