Tempted by Rebecca Zanetti – 4 Stars

Tempted (Dark Protectors, #2.5)

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Book 2.5 in the Dark Protectors series.

I own this book on my Nook.

Book Synopsis from Goodreads:


On the run from a mental institution and her vindictive half-brother, it’s safe to say that Sarah Pringle’s happy life as a schoolteacher is on hold. Too bad that as far as self-defense goes, “run and hide” is the best she’s got. And with the monsters that started her escape hot on her heels, that’s not going to cut it for long…

That is, unless Sarah has a bigger, badder, hotter monster on her side. Max Petrovsky is right at the top of the list of alpha male ass-kickers. And he knows exactly what Sarah’s up against. Good thing, because the minute he sees her something primal kicks in, turning everyday attraction into red-hot desire. As long as they’re cooperating, why not mix some pleasure with business? Of course, Max should probably tell Sarah he’s a vampire himself…

“Hot and fast from beginning to end.”
–Kate Douglas on Fated

This is a quick read, only a 90 page novella.  So far I don’t think it has a major role in the greater story arch, but does introduce Max’s mate to the world.  It would probably be alright to skip if you are reading the series.  It would be shame though because even though it was short it was really a fun read.

This story starts off like the others with a great action scene that draws you in and grabs you.  It reminded me of how the first story started, although there are enough difference to make it not feel like a formula the author turns to to begin a story.  The characters develop a great chemistry right off the bat and I was rooting for them to come together from early on.  I liked Max, finally we find a more sensitive lest neanderthal man in this world.  The Kayrs brothers should be paying attention to how Max treats his mate.  Perhaps it is just the Royal family that needs to be pulled out of the the dark ages.  We don’t see much of Dage or Talen or their mates in this book, but the other brothers play a role in Max and Sarah’s story.  We also get to see a bit of Janie as well.

I liked how this story was a twist on the mating ritual or what-not that is the center of most of these stories.  In this one Sarah is more into a long term pairing than Max is.  It was nice to see the guy be the hesitant one for once.  Oh its not that he doesn’t want Sarah, but with the mates being targeted in this world he doesn’t want to put her in danger.

Not a lot more to say, again it was a short but action packed story and I enjoyed getting to know some of the other brothers a bit.  Up next is going to be Conn’s story.  He was the only brother mated before the war started,  he is also the only one that let his mate go and live apart from him.  Moira is also the first mate we are going to meet that isn’t human, she is a powerful witch.  I’m looking forward to see how their story compares to the others.  But first I have an ARC book that comes out on Tuesday that I need to read this weekend.   Have a great weekend everyone!


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