Throwback Thursday Review: Inferno – 5 Stars


Hello everybody welcome to another Throwback Thursday,  this week I decided to pick Dan Brown’s Inferno that I read last year to share with you.  Dan Brown is one of the authors I read that falls just outside of my normal reading tastes.  See I read more than just paranormal romance.  I can read other popular fiction too.  I started with The Da Vinci Code and was sucked into the fun complex rides that a Dan Brown books tend to be.  I enjoy the mystery, action and how he weaves these stories with history and secret societies.  They make you think and he always sets them in beautifully described locations.  The Inferno is probably my favorite book of his by far.

Inferno (Robert Langdon, #4)


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Book 4 in the Robert Langdon series

Read from June 16 to 21, 2013

Alright, I confess this book gets 5 stars partially due to the fact that it ends in my favorite city in the entire world with a stop at a building that brings me to tears every time I visit it. (Not revealing names incase you haven’t read it) Oh how I wish I could view this building as Langdon did in this book, sans tourists. What an amazing visit that would be. 

Inferno was an amazing ride that kept me guessing to the very end. I so did not see the twists and turns this story took. Yes some of it was pretty predictable and it followed a similar format that Brown seems to love for his stories, but still it was one hell of a ride! I hope they do turn this book into a movie simply for the fact that it would be such fun to see the areas in these cities that tourists don’t normally get to visit. I enjoyed this book more than any of his other titles. I appreciated the sensitive topic that was the catalyst for the action in the story, overpopulation. I hope that maybe people will start to consider the ramification of what it is doing to our planet and potentially our species. I must confess also that I am sympathetic to the bad guys in this book and think the actions they took might not have been so awful.

Heavy topic aside it is a work of fiction and it was a thrilling ride that grabbed me from the very beginning.


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