Monday Morning Question:  Do you like to keep your books organized? 



Good Monday morning everyone!  Alright I was feeling fairly uninspired this morning so I did a search for book related questions for this edition of my blog meme Monday Morning Question.  I came across some good ones that I have saved for future uninspired Mondays, but this morning I decided to go with; Do you like to keep your books organized?


I didn’t worry about organization too much before I was a librarian and when I had less books, but now I do have some rhyme and reason to our home library.  I’ve always kept authors together as well as series in reading order with the # marked on the first page.  For a while my brother was living with us and took over our library/guest room and our books were all moved into storage, about a year after he moved out (and still had crap left at our house…)  I reclaimed our shelves.  By this time bookcases had spontaneously sprouted up all over the house, to date we have 9 spread all over the house and all but a couple of shelves full.  My husband and I have vastly different reading tastes, he reads mainly non-fiction books, so when I reorganized all the books we divided up the cases, 4 each and one small case that, like Switzerland, remains neutral and is of shared interests.  I was in charge of shelving my books and hubby was responsible for his…  which he preceded to place on the shelf all willy nilly and I quickly relieved him of the task.  After all when he can’t find a book it will then be my fault and my responsibility to then locate, so I should at least know how they are shelved.  So my books are shelved as follows; to-read case authors grouped together with the books I am most interested in reading soon on the top,  favorite author’s case that houses my favorite series,  and the remaining two cases housing the other books and authors I have enjoyed grouped by series and/or author, one shelf is dedicated to my very small non-fiction collection.  Hubby’s books are grouped by shelves dedicated to different interests, his favorite books kept in the office, and a small case dedicated to fiction.  He also has a currently reading case in the bedroom where he keeps the many books he is working on.  He also has a tendency to read several books at once, another reading habit I don’t normally do. How did I ended up married to this man?

Alright so there you have it, I told you I was fairly uninspired this morning.  How about you,  are you like me, need to have some sort of order even if it isn’t alphabetical? Or are you like my husband see a book, see a shelf, place book on shelf? OR are you one of those people that organizes their books by COLOR?!  With no regard for series, author or anything but making a rainbow.  Sorry it looks nice, but would absolutely drive me nuts…


6 thoughts on “Monday Morning Question:  Do you like to keep your books organized? 

  1. Definitely. Poetry and fiction, alphabetically by author. Religion and scripture by a more organic grouping.
    Nonfiction’s a whole other matter, by my wife’s system. It’s something I don’t quite fathom, but it works for her.
    And then there are my mini-collections beside the bed, in my studio, in the loft of the barn.
    I’m a writer, after all, and these things are also matters of reference.


    1. We do that too, keep different books in different areas of the house. All my to-reads are in the bedroom where I can quickly pick another book I want to read the next day and my husband keeps all his reference books in his office right off the kitchen. I had to fight him for a shelf on that case for the cook books. I told him I wasn’t going to be running up stairs every time I wanted to look up a recipe. He finally agreed after I took over the shelving…


  2. My wife and I are ruthless when it comes to keeping anything that does not serve a purpose. Print copy books that we have read are donated to the University where they resell the book, or recieve donations, and raise money for charity. The only books we keep are ones signed by the author or are written by friends or relatives. My Kindle etc. is organized by genre. This saves me a lot of time searching for a book to match my particular hankering. I sometimes will read a few books at the same time but what often happens is I will like something and read it like a little pig until it is all gone. And then I’m kind of sad.


    1. You are a stronger person than me when it comes to weeding books. I’m getting better though, more and more of the books I read are finding their way to new homes or I trade them at where I can get other books I want to read. Most of my husband’s books are Non-fiction and not completely read so he hangs on to them. Me I’m just hanging on to the series I plan to re-read. Now to justify keeping them I’m picking a different series each year to read again.


  3. Before my recent move, I had books set up pretty willy nilly to be honest. One big shelf dedicated to to-read books, arranged by size. One big shelf dedicated to career-related books. One shelf dedicated to Stephen King. All other books grouped by series or size. For some reason grouping by size has always been my tendency in the past. Now that I’ve moved and am unpacking books, I’ve decided to try organizing by author and see how it goes, with read versus to-read on separate shelves, and series, Stephen King, and non-fiction placed separately. Truth is, I’ll probably rearrange them all again before I finish unpacking, haha.


    1. I can see the size, more than the color sorting for some reason… We do that for the little kids books at my library, where I work not home. You are never going to keep them in the correct order so we just keep the ones of the same size together.


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