Throwback Thursday Review: Anatolian Days and Nights


Welcome to another addition to my blog meme, Throwback Thursday Review.  This is where I take a book that I reviewed on Goodreads before my blog and share it with you.  Today I decided to pick another non-fiction title that I read last year; Anatolian Days and Nights: A Love Affair with Turkey, Land of Dervishes, Goddesses and Saints by Joy Stocke and Angie Brenner.  (Alright authors, can we please keep titles to 5 words or less…thank you)  I read this book as a part of my attempt to branch out into other types of books while staying firmly within my comfort zone.  I picked this one because I LOVE Turkey.  I have been to the country 7 maybe 8 times and still dream of owning a home in a small Mediterranean community along the Southern coast.  Someplace where we could grow jasmine and pomegranates in our yard and take a dolmuş to the beach on the weekends.  I am a little bias of course,  my husband is a Turk from Bulgaria and we have family that live in Turkey.  However, Istanbul was voted #1 Traveler’s Choice destination for 2014 over on Trip Advisor, so I’m not the only one with a soft spot for the country.  If you ever get the opportunity to go to Turkey, take it,  it is an amazing country and I am always so disappointed that I don’t see many American’s, outside of Istanbul, when we visit.

Anatolian Days and Nights: A Love Affair with Turkey, Land of Dervishes, Goddesses, and Saints

Book’s synopsis over on Goodreads

Read from March 04 to 10, 2013

This book was an enjoyable read for me, and probably meant more to me than to someone who has never been to Turkey. You can tell these ladies loved Turkey and they did a good job of showing the good along with the bad of Turkish Culture. Turkey and Turks are not perfect, but the country is what it is, a clash of old and new, east and west, and is a wonderful place to fall in love with…if you can accept its good along with its bad. You also need to remember that the Turkish Republic is itself a young country, still under 100 years. In those 100 years the world, society, and technology has changed a lot and in my opinion Turkey has handled it all remarkably well. It truly is a shining example of what a country from this part of the world that, while secular in governing, is an Islamic country. They should be proud of what they have accomplished as they continue to grow and figure out how the past and future have a place within its boarders. This book made me long for Turkey as I have now discovered places that I now want to visit and see for myself. The authors have reaffirmed, thou, my decision that I never want to experience a Turkish bath. 


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