Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Things I Would Like to Own


Time for another addition to the weekly blog meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish blog.  This week they ask us to share ten bookish items, that are not books, that we would like to own.  This list was harder than I thought it would be, I already own a Nook and a Kindle as well as my own in-house library (4 bedrooms for 2 people with lots of books and bookcases = personal library).  So there isn’t a whole heck of a lot that I want besides more books and time to read them in.  I scoured my Pinterest boards and managed to come up with the following items for this week’s list.


  1.   I guess there is one item I do really want, more time to read.
  2. Reading is my SuperPOWer Book Necklace Gift for Book Lover, Superhero, Read, Geekery,Comic Book Lover gift rubiesandwhimsy  Something with this saying on it.  The necklace is pretty, but a coffee mug or t-shirt would work too.
  3. Spritz reading app site  The Spritz reading app as soon as it is released to the public.  If I could read 500 or 800 words a minute then I might actually get through my entire to-read list!
  4. i want i want i want!!!!!!!!DIY Mandala Pattern Bookshelf... very creative!  A cool bookcase for our house.
  5. 398.2 is the fairy tale section for the Dewey Decimal System.  Who believes this??? We do! This necklace would be cool.  Google it if you don’t get it…
  6. Bookshelf iPhone 5 Case iPhone 5 hard case Book Lovers by CasePapa, $6.99A cover like this for my new phone.
  7. Bookish shoes, having my baby buy me these some day forsure These would be cool to go to work in!
  8. Soft Book Holder for Your Lap Use For All Your by SewInventive  I like to read laying down in bed or on the couch, so this would be nice to prop my book or reader up on.
  9. Sherlock Holmes StoriArts scarf! - ANY AUTHOR, ANY TIMEA Plot to Love Dress - Cotton, Mid-length, Brown, Grey, Pockets, Belted, Casual, A-line, Cap Sleeves, Novelty Print, Quirky, Scholastic/Collegiate Found these items on Pinterest, might make a cool outfit to wear to work.  Hey I bet they would go nicely with the shoes…
  10. I could get down in this book nook. Though, it could use some more cushioning. I do have a library already but a nice reading nook by a sunny south window would be lovely.


Well that’s my list I look forward to seeing all of yours.


9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Things I Would Like to Own

  1. Great list! MORE TIME TO READ…. YES!!! I would love endless hours with nothing for me to do but read. That window nook made my list too, it looks amazing and I want it, I want it now. I want that necklace, I work in a library so I would love that necklace to wear to work EVERYDAY! And when anyone asked me about it, I could point them in the direction of the fairytales section. Here’s my TTT.


    1. I don’t think they would work very well either, especially for us who wear glasses to correct our vision or are old and are already starting to have problems seeing up close…


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