Monday Morning Question? Book Buying Rules


Good Monday morning to you all,  I hope you had a good weekend.  Mine was spent with my birds enjoying the warm weather as they explored the yard and begged for cat food.  I also had a lovely day out with my husband coming home with several new additions to my library.  Which leads me to my Monday Morning Question:  Do you have book buying rules for adding to your library?

I tend to live my life with a fairly strict set of rules for behavior.  Yes, I’m a control freak.  Anyway here are my ruled for book purchases.  If it costs less than a $1, no holds bared, I will pick up anything that looks interesting or that I think I might need for a series.  If it is less than a dollar then I will risk it being one that I already own rather than pass it up.

Used books stores with prices usually 1/2 or 1/4 the original price I will be a little choosier.  I will keep to books I know I need to complete a series, books that I have already read (but loved), or new titles that I have been coveting for a while.

Then there are some authors that are on my auto-buy list.  I used to have just 4 or 5, but the list has now grown to 8-10 authors that I can think of off the top of my head.  Now I will always try to find the most economical way to get these books and about half of them I will either buy for the Nook, the first week they are out when they are sometimes discounted, or wait for them to be out for a while and find their way to the discount bin.  Those I usually have already read through the library, but still want to add to my collection.  There are still a couple authors though that I really love and must have the book the day it is released.  Those books are usually assigned to my husband to pick up on the way home from work. We have an understanding…

A new book buying situation came up this weekend and I was forced to come up with a new rule on the spot.  We were in Target looking at their slim book selection and I was pointing out titles that I thought my husband might like.  We ventured into the YA isle and I picked up a book that looked interesting and noticed it was signed by the author.  It was under $20 so it made it into the cart along with the new rule; will buy books that look interesting if under $20 and signed by author.  Yep, I will make them up right on the spot to meet my book buying needs.  Shameless.

Books are my greatest vice and I figure there are worse ones to have so I don’t get to hard on myself on buying books.  I do manage to get a great number of the books I read through the library, and encourage all of you to visit your local one.  It also helps that I have a very understanding husband who also appreciates a good book.


5 thoughts on “Monday Morning Question? Book Buying Rules

  1. I have a shelf, albeit a pretty long one, but still a shelf. Any TBR books go on that shelf, and if it’s full, then I don’t buy any for a while. Obviously I make an exception from time to time, but I really try to stick to it so that my pile doesn’t get out of hand.


    1. That’s a good idea, once the shelf or case is full stop buying, like a library weed(or in this case read) to make room for more. I always slip up with those dirt cheep ones like library books sales where they are a quarter or something. I’ve gotten pretty good at stacking the books on the case so they don’t fall.


      1. Hahaha! Truth be told, I think that rule has really pushed me towards more reading this year, especially the books that have been languishing on my shelf for a while. It’s also part of the reason I started my monthly Lost or Forgotten series.


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