The Undead Pool by Kim Harrison – 4 Stars

The Undead Pool

Book 12 of the Hollows Series

Book Synopsis over at Goodreads

My turn to borrow this book from the library came up this week, figures just as I decide to try and tackle two other books over the end of the week in an attempt to catch up.  Oh well it is only my own arbitrary reading scheduled I am trying to keep up with, so it is only me that will be let down if I can’t keep up…

This is the next to last Hollows book, and I must say I think I am going to be sad to see it go.  A few books back in this series that wouldn’t have been the case, but now I’m back on board and ready to see this through to the end.  I need to know how Harrison wraps everything up in hopefully a nice neat package with a bow on top.   We are starting to see some resolution to the different relationships and some characters are starting to fad off into the sunset.  The “love” triangle between Rachel, Al and Trent has been decided and I’m not sure how I feel about it.  I’m happy for the two that ended up together, but I think I might have wanted to see the one ending up alone get a chance with Rachel before the finial decision was made.  (Man sucks having to do this spoiler free…)  I don’t think the one left behind is gone for good yet, there is one book left after all, so I am curious to see what kind of H.E.A he gets.

We get a glimpse of what life must have been like in this world before the turn and humans learned of all the other types of creatures that share their world.  The city is in ciaos, species are trying to eradicate each other and it is up to Rachel to stop them.  This time she has plenty of back up and isn’t forced to face the danger alone.  I enjoyed getting to see the city and species rally around her.  Trent has an appropriate observation a couple chapters from the end.

“I think it’s amazing that when your world collapses, you have people falling over themselves to help you, and when mine collapses, I have people fighting among themselves to get the scraps.” Nodding, he looked at David, his phone to his ear as he coordinated something with Ivy. “You’ve done something right, Rachel, sacrificing for others the way you do.”

This sums up much of the entire series for me.  Rachel has always been there for people,  trying to do what is right, making the world a better place for everyone to live in.  It is about damn time they are there for her,  it is time for Rachel to get her H.E.A and for this city and world to see how much they really do owe to Rachel.

This is why I love these stories, unlike life people who do right and put others before themselves are rewarded in the end.  People stand at their back and are there for them when they need it.  Even though Rachel has had heartache and felt so alone at time, she isn’t.  She is loved and valued.  Good is going to triumph over evil.  Now hopefully the last book doesn’t undue all of what was set right in this one.  Rachel is on a good path and sure there are going to be a few twists and turns in the last book, but I have hope that everything will turn out as it should in the end.

A few threads I am looking forward to seeing tied up in the last book. Besides Rachel(of course) Al, that is my biggest issue I want resolved.  Trent’s future is the next thread I am anxious to see resolved, he is on the brink of losing it all, but I think he probably wont.    Then there is Newt, loved how we got to learn a bunch about her in this book. I also hope something is done for the Ever-After.  I don’t think the Elves and Demons are ever going to kiss and make up, but the demons deserve a better place to live.  Ellsabeth is going to rear her demanding head one more time to cause trouble in the last book I have a feeling.  Things look good for the were and perhaps Ivy will finally move out of the church and move on.  I think Jenks will end up where ever Rachel does.  So see there is still a lot to look forward to, but it makes me sad still that there is only going to be one more new story to read with this group. I’m sad, but I do think the author is right to end it now on a good note.


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