Duncan by D.B.Reynolds – 3 Stars


Book #5 of the Vampires in America Series

Book Synopsis over at Goodreads

I received a copy of this book for review from the publisher through Net Galley

I like this series, I really do, but I have caught myself skimming the last two books.  The problem with this one wasn’t so much the book itself as that it followed a book I really loved.  Often I find that the rebound books have a tough time measuring up.  Also I think it might be time for me to set this author aside and try something else for a while.  My books lately have fallen on the urban/gritty/serious side of the paranormal genre and I think it is time to read some fluff to cleanse the palate you might say.  That or some sci-fi, but I do have several other books under agreement to read and review and I will work through those first.  I really need to stop requesting books and catch up on what I have on hand already.  Now on to reviewing this book…

I liked Duncan and had hoped that the author would give him is own story. However, I am not sure what I think of his Emma, but if he is happy with her that is all that counts I guess.  She is just not quite who I had in mind for him though.  Raphael and Cyn are very absent in this novel, which after them being such the focus in most of the previous books kinda felt strange.

The set up of Duncan being sent in to take over the vampire territory that includes DC was interesting.  Being fairly cynical about politicians the way the Senators and Congress men were portrayed in the story struck home for me.  They were either really evil bastards or pawns of people running their campaigns.  I did figure out who was the big bad guy that betrayed Duncan, something that hardly ever happens for me.

We see in this story much of what there was to enjoy in previous books in the series; action, weapons, plenty of sex, strong alpha males and heroines that don’t listen.  Like I said I did like it, but perhaps it was just bad timing for when I read it.  Wish some of the steamy parts could have been paced out a bit more, they seemed to all happen in the end of the book and one right after another.  I like them to be broken up a bit more otherwise I tend to skim.

Rather than post something else separately I thought I would tack an update on to the end of this review.  I have several different distractions in my life right now that may lead to a slow down in my reading.  I am still going to continue with the blog, but I might not get 3-4 books read a week.  The weather is finally starting to turn and I brought my bicycle up from the basement.  I have been on two rides this year so far and they have been heavenly.  Somehow pedaling on a stationary bike just isn’t the same, although I can read while doing that…  I also am the proud new owner of my very first smart phone, and I have become one of those obnoxious people with a phone.  I suspect once the newness of it wears off it will stop eating into my reading time.  We will also be starting a garden soon though and that will also start taking some of my time.  In the spring and summer I always read less, but I will still manage to hopefully get 2-3 books read a week.


3 thoughts on “Duncan by D.B.Reynolds – 3 Stars

    1. I’ve found that since I can read faster than I can be read to my mind tends to wander while listening to them. Now that I know how to add them to my MP3 player (Ooo or my new phone) I have been thinking of downloading a couple from the library to try again. Once I start shearing sheep I will definitely give them a try, nothing more menial than that chore…


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