Monday Morning Question: Blog Awards


Good Monday morning everyone. So this morning my question is: Do you accept and participate in blog awards?


I’ve received a couple from some great blogs, but am unsure where I stand on accepting them.  I am of course very flattered and honored that someone thinks so highly of my little slice of the internet.  I know they are meant to be fun and are usually a way for new blogs to get recognition and network.  In all honesty I am really a shy person and am uncomfortable with approaching others. The rules that go with accepting an award and then passing it on to other blogs just doesn’t sit well, I hate to bother people.   Then there is the time involved; answering the questions, searching out different blogs to nominate and so on.  It is going to eat into my reading time that is already starting to dwindle with the approach of warmer weather… alright, maybe I’m just lazy.    Another thought I had is reading is its own award,  I’m not writing this blog for recognition or to become well know.  Quite frankly if nobody read this I would still post my reviews and opinions about reading and books.  So where do you stand on the topic of Blog Award?  Are you for or against?  Feel free to share your opinions in the comments.



4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Question: Blog Awards

  1. I like your attitude. I just started my blog a couple of months ago in order to have a place to put down in writing things I am pasionate about and curious about. And also to have a place to feature my writing. I don’t know much about blog awards but they sound a little complicated and time consuming.


  2. I think your ideas are lovely. Sometimes I think blogs just want to share and giving an award is just recognizing that someone out there is doing a wonderful thing. That said, if you like the award accept it in the spirit it’s given, if you really don’t want to take time (and that’s understandable) just thank them and explain why you can’t accept. They’ll know you liked the idea, it just isn’t right for you. This is, as you say, your thing…do it your way! Make it fit your life, not the other way around. I like you ideas and comments, I don’t always pay attention, but I do like hearing them when I can! Be comfortable my friend!


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