Rajmund by D.B. Reynolds – 3 Stars

Rajmund (Vampires in America, #3)

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Vampires in America book 3

I received this book for review from the publisher through Net Galley

This is the fourth book I have read in this series and it has been interesting to see how the series works its way up to book 6, the first one I read.  Reading in order this is the first book that ventures away from Cyn and Raphael as being the center of the story line.  The couple is only barely in book 6 so it looks like the author is going to wean us off them bit by bit.  They show up in the very beginning of this story and again at the end as a cliffhanger that I hope is resolved in the next book.  This is Sarah and Rajmund’s story though and and they play the most prominent roll.  Again I find myself unsure how to rate this book, 3 or 4 stars, so I will wait to the end to make my final decision.

I like the change of direction in this series.  It was nice to get out of the West coast and be introduced to a new lord’s territory  and see how he came to power.  Some of the same themes are used in this book as in others in this series.  We are again dealing with a missing person and one half of the love interest that has trouble committing to a relationship.  Guns play a less prominent roll, but we don’t see a decrease in violence.  They are vampires after all.  We do get to catch a glimpse of what the vamps would be like if left to their own devises allowed to run wild without a strong lord.

I liked Sarah,  she has an interesting past that I would have liked to learn more about.  What happen to her and her “power” is kind of just taken for granted and not gone into much detail.  With all the vamps in this series we get great flashbacks detailing how they become vampires and the source of their issues they are working through, but the humans not so much.  It would be nice to learn more about them too.

Rajmund was well done in this story as well.  He was a fun pretty boy that knew how to charm the ladies.  He was everything you would want in a male lead; strong, good looking, charismatic, a reluctant hero.  My only complaint about him is his inability to let things go and holds on to a grudge, but perhaps that is what also makes him a good character.  He isn’t perfect.  He has a flaw.

As with other books in this series the supporting characters outside of the lime-light are a hoot. Perhaps after this author works through all the Lords she can go back and give some of them a h.e.a too.  I would like to see someone for Duncan and Emelie.   The villains were well done but we didn’t see much of them in this book, which was fine.  I’m not such a fan of being in the bad guy’s head in these escapist reads.  I want a good story with a little mystery, a puzzle to figure out and a juicy romance.  This story delivered all that and I enjoyed it.  Still not sure how to rate it…  I’m thinking 3 stars.  While I really liked Sarah and Raj, compared to the other book in this series this story left me wanting more, and unlike Cyn and Raphael’s story I think this one has been wrapped up. I hope to see them again, but I think we are moving on to other areas of this world.


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