Monday Morning Question: Do you read past your bedtime?


Good Monday morning to you all!  This morning I am experiencing a bit of a book hangover,  this one induced from staying up to 11:57 to finish a book. I made it though!  So I ask you this; Do you read past your bedtime?

I do on occasion especially if it is a book I’m in love with.  Last night I wanted to just turn the nook off and go to sleep, but with the release of The King on Tuesday and two more books to read before I can start that I soldiered through the last 50 pages to finish up last night.  Of course that is going to mean I woke up to some idiot pounding on my door at 7:18 this morning or a cat that figured out a new way to get me out of bed because there was no one at the door by the time I got downstairs…  Anyway, I think the latest I have ever stayed up reading was 2 or maybe 3 in the morning.  If I have to work the next day I will put the book down and go to sleep, wouldn’t want a library patron to fall victim to a crabby sleep deprived librarian, or for me to fall asleep at the circulation desk…

So lets try a handy dandy little poll so see what you all think.


3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Question: Do you read past your bedtime?

  1. I can remember in my adolescence when I first discovered Stephen King. He wrote my experience, my town, my friends, and made it funny and fascinating. I likely went four years being sleep deprived. I now try to be careful because I can’t handle sleep deprivation like I used to, but a good book will keep me up dangerously late.


    1. I knew I wasn’t the only one. I think I read later more often now then in my youth, but that is probably because I read more now and socialize less.


  2. I used to read past my bedtime ALL THE TIME. It was the norm. Now, I don’t do so as much, and I usually read during the day (unless it’s a book I’m in love with or something–then I don’t care what time it is, haha).


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