Heartbitten by Aubrey Rose – 3 stars

Heartbitten: A New Adult Vampire Romance Novel

I received this book for review from the publisher through Net Galley

Book description over on Goodreads

This book is described as New Adult, a class of book I am just learning about, even though I believe I have read other books that are classified as New Adult as well.  In my opinion they are just edger YA novels with slightly older characters, more graphic sex and stronger swear words.  I’m torn between a two and three star rating for this book, perhaps I will wait until the end of my review to make the finial decision.

Over all I liked the book,  it was a sweet love story an easy read that took me less than a day to finish.  I thought Robb an ass for much of the book, but womanizing powerful men often get away with that sort of thing.  So it made sense that he falls for the one girl who calls him out on it.  He isn’t used to that sort of challenge.   I liked Liz, stereotypes and all.  The book was chop full of stereotypes actually and I saw several similarities in story-line to other popular book/series I have read.  Not really rip offs, more like I saw their influence.

The beginning of the book reminded me of Discovery of Witches, scientists dealing with blood instead of genetics and a vampire who is trying to cure himself of his condition and the University in England setting.  A little Twilight thrown in as well with the extreme clumsiness that seemed to plague Liz a little too much throughout the story.  And even some Fifty Shades of Grey, which is even referenced in the story itself, in the billionaire playboy and his exotic tastes, or reference to them,  in sex.

There was plenty in the story to make it its own though.  I liked the beginning where we see the world where Robb came from, it would have been nice to read more about his past.  It never really was explained how he was made a vampire or even the rules for vampires in this world.  You kinda figure out that the sun isn’t an issue, they can control their aging and they can eat food, but nothing else is delved into or explained.

There was only a couple of issues I found in the story that bothered me.  Bears do not live wild in England and would a Porsche’s trunk really be big enough to hold a dead body.  On the second point I’m not a car person and couldn’t find a definite answer while surfing on my Nook, so I dropped it.    Also I could not find if this is supposed to be a series or stand alone.  It left a lot hanging at the end which leads me to believe there will be future books featuring Robb and Liz.  If it is a stand alone I would have like to see a longer book that goes into more detail and wrapped things up better.

If there are future books I might give them a try.  I am also going to check out some other titles by this author.  Like I said I did enjoy this book and I am going to give it three stars simply because of that.  It kept me reading.


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