Jabril by D.B. Reynolds – 4 Stars

Jabril (Vampires in America, #2)

Book 2 in the Vampires of America Series

Book description on Goodreads

I received this book from the publisher through Net Galley for review.

This series continues to deliver the action packed thrill ride and sizzling vampire drama for Cyn and Raphael.  This book was a bit of a twist that I have not seen before.  Often in these series they are set up one of two ways each book centers around a different couple in the world or you follow a single couple or hero/ine through each book in the series.  This one threw me a bit, but in a good way.  I was expecting a story based solely around Jabril finding a love interest.  I was fine with that, but was so tempted to skip ahead to a couple of novellas to see what happen with Cyn and Raphael thanks to book one ending with out a resolution to their relationship.  I’m so glad I decided to read them in order as this book, while Jabril plays a major role in the story line, definitely a continuation off of book one and is still centered around Cyn and Raphael’s relationship.

So what role does Jabril play then.  Well he is quite frankly an ass harboring medieval ideals in regards to women and their roles in society.  He is also one of the slimiest bad guys that I have read in a while.  The characters in this world have depth and are complex, even the supporting characters are well developed.  I had a moment of hesitancy when I figured out the character the book was named for was the bad guy.  I also drew back when he was a Muslim,  kinda ready to be offended at the drop of the hat. (My husband and in-laws are all Muslim and I can be sensitive to stereotypes about them and how they can automatically be the ‘bad guy’ in film and story)  I was relieved though as I read on and there was really no mention of religion this was just a character from an Arab part of the world and his behaviors reflected the environment and time period he came from.  It was well done and I found nothing to take offence towards.

The book once again has several story lines going on; one dealing with betray, a missing person (runaway this time) and of course the romance between Cyn and Raphael.  I like how their coming together wasn’t easy.  The author put challenges there for both characters.  Often in vampire stories they hook up and then automatically one of them knows they are meant to be for eternity and spends the rest of the book trying to convince the other.  Which I find enjoyable, but a twist is nice from time to time too.  This author has done good job of taking a genre and found a way to keep it fresh and bring an angle that I haven’t found before.  After a while when you read a lot of books in a certain genre you can start picking out the authors that influenced each other.  You see elements of them in each other’s books.  While some of this series feels familiar it also feels fresh to me.

Again this is a good series and I look forward to working my way back to Lucas’s book and beyond.


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