Throwback Thursday Review: Fifty Shades of Grey


Welcome to my weekly blog feature where I go back and share a review I posted to Goodreads back when I started reviewing books.   I’ve had some patrons reading this book at our library for the first time due to what they have heard about the upcoming movie, so thought I would make it this week’s selection for TTR (Throwback Thursday Review).

My review:

Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades, #1)

 Visit book’s page on Goodreads for description.

  Originally read July 16-19, 2012

Okay I get why it’s so popular now… Went into this book with no expectations and curious to see what all the fuss is about (kind of the same way I started Twilight). Was surprised by how much I really liked the story. Yes the sex was hot and a little more involved than most of the books out there (or maybe just some of the ones I’ve read), but this book is not trying to be anything except what it is, highly entertaining and steamy. It was a little shaky at first and I found myself groaning at a lot of the parts that reminded me of Twilight, but once you get to a certain point in the book that all falls away and you are left with a very complicated sexy hero with a dark past and a confused heroine who is struggling with compromises in a relationship that she is not sure she wants to make. 

I guess I must be somewhat of a control freak myself because I could see where Christian was coming from on many issues; politeness, honesty, having things done the way you want them to be done, no touching, sticking to routine and so on… I got that and could understand where he was coming from, having had such traumatic events in his past, that is how you make sure they don’t happen again. I also get Ana’s side too, she feels like she is being asked to make all the compromises, opening herself up to being vulnerable and potentially a lot of heartbreak. The copy I read was our libraries, but upon finishing it I realized, perhaps channeling Christian, I had to own this series. Is it rough around the edges…yes. Is the book a work of literary genius…no, but it doesn’t have to be, no book does to bring enjoyment to lives of readers. I enjoyed the book and look forward to the next two…

Have you read 50 Shades?  Are you going to go see the movie? (I will, well maybe I’ll rent it)


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