Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet by Darynda Jones – 5 Stars

Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet (Charley Davidson #4)

Book’s page over on GoodReads

Book 4 of the Charley Davidson Series

Alright you already know this going to be a love fest, so if you need to skip this review you won’t hurt my feelings.  Still around. Good.

This series continues to have me on an emotional roller coaster, so much that I am almost glad that I only have one more book to go before I am forced to take a break…almost.  Each addition to this well written series brings me tears, makes me laugh and gasp out loud  and react in ways that books rarely do anymore.  The characters have become friends and my crush on Reyes continues to grow along with all the other female character’s in the books.  The book also keeps me guessing and I rarely see the twists and turns that develop with the mystery to be solved in each book.  Well I did manage to see one coming, but I don’t want to spoil it for you.

So what did I love about this addition to the series.  We got to learn more of Charley’s powers as she slowly learns what it means to be a Reaper.  We did learn some of her back story before she was born.  We saw some development between Charley and her parents.  We were also reminded that Charley is human, and is vulnerable to the same fears, insecurities and faults that we all are.  This is part of what really makes this story work for me,  she isn’t perfect, she is real and makes mistakes too.  We also got a little development of the ever slow moving, almost too slow at this point, development of Reyes and Charley’s relationship.  I also enjoy the running gags that seem to change from book to book, this time Charley is addicted to the shop at home network.

So in an effort to be open minded and realize this series might not be for everyone I thought I would share some aspects that might turn people off.  There is a bit of violence, we are dealing with criminals, serial killers and demons after all.  Also half the people who meet Charley seem to want to kill or injure her in some way.  While I love Reyes, just as he is,  in reality he would probably not be the best boyfriend materiel.  He isn’t above using violence and has a hair-trigger temper is not above using what ever means or anyone necessary to get his way. Some readers might not be able to look past that.

Well off to book 5 and then I have four books from Net Galley to read, two of them ARC titles!  I need to either read faster or not request so many to review.  I have yet to find that 12 step program for people with book addictions…


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