Third Grave Dead Ahead by Darynda Jones – 5 Stars

Third Grave Dead Ahead (Charley Davidson, #3)

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Oh. My. God.  I am experiencing emotional trauma thanks to this book.  The end was almost too much for me.  I have gasp out loud and cried ‘No’ for the first time ever while reading a book, it was around page 291 (I think).  I couldn’t even finish the page, it was just too much.  This author is really sending me through the wringer in this addition to the Charley Davidson series.  Everything wrapped up well in the end, but those last 30 pages…WOW.

Alright you already know how much I love this series, so I will try and keep the love fest short.  I also don’t want to give away any spoilers… So what shall I talk about… I know, how about what I hope to see in upcoming books.  I want to know more about Reyes, of course,  I want to know more about his and Charley’s past, before being born.  I want to know more about the Angels and Demons, what all is going on with them that has put Reyes and Charley in the middle.  I also desperately want Charley to figure out more of her powers, mainly so she doesn’t spend half of future books in traction.  I’d like to see a love interest for Cookie, and learn more about these hot biker guys that run the asylum.  I also wonder what kind of threat this Owens is going to be to Charley with his grudge that he is carrying around.  I am really upset with Charley’s dad in this book,  Uncle Bob redeemed himself some, but her dad needs to cut the crap he is pulling out.  I would also love to see a confrontation with the step monster happen sometime.   Oh and I forgot to mention that I am happy to see her relationship with her sister improving in the last book.

Aright, time to read the little novella and then on to book 4.  Have you checked this series out yet?  If not what’s stopping you?


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