Monday Morning Question


Is there an author you used to love but don’t read anymore?

There are probably a few authors I used to read but don’t anymore, but the one that sticks out most in my mind is Stephen King.  I have read most, well probably all of his books up until The Cell.  By then, though, they were already becoming a struggle. I just wasn’t enjoying them anymore, my tastes had changed.  I believe this was just before my discovery of paranormal books.

My first Stephen King book was The Shinning.  My mother had died that summer in a car accident and I was going through her paperbacks that were still on a bookcase in the basement.  I was looking for ways to keep her in my life and thought I would try reading something that she read.  I picked The Shinning.  Scared the crap out of me, what 13 year old wouldn’t be, but I slowly worked my way through his books.  They were perfect for a young teenager that was hurting inside, wanting to escape and was intrigued by the morbidity of his story’s themes.  I thought them cool and many of my English teachers rolled their eyes as I became yet another teen who read Stephen King, it was the late 80’s.

In high school I set out to read everything he had written up to that point and soon discovered his Dark Tower series.  I think this was probably the first series I fell for,  I loved the reoccurring adventure and started searching out his other titles that had anything to do with these characters and their saga.  That series is still my favorite work of his and I continue to have those books and a few others on my shelves.

As I became an adult either I changed or he changed, maybe both, and his later books just appealed to me less and less.  I didn’t care for the gross out factor that had become a key element in many of his books.  I am not against horror, but I can do without all the blood and guts.  The irony that I now love vampire novels is not lost on me…  I brought home Under the Dome and put it on my to-read bookcase and ignored it…and ignored it…and passed it up for yet another book. Finally I decided if I paid money for the monstrosity I better damn well read it.  So I pulled it off the shelf and got as far as a raccoon being described graphically having been sliced in half by the dome and decided perhaps it was time Mr.King and I parted ways.  I closed the book and it still sits with the others on my shelf.  I will never read it, but hate to give it away because I lost it’s dust cover.

That book wasn’t the only reason I had stopped reading Mr.King.  I also kinda think he is an ass.  (Stephen King Fans please don’t send me hate mail, I’m sure he is not losing any sleep over the fact that a small town librarian from Iowa thinks he is an ass.  I won’t be hurting his book sales anytime soon)  I’ve read several articles where he shares his opinion on other authors (that I enjoy) and was very critical, almost unkind towards them.  (Again I know I am a book reviewer, I see the irony of thinking another is an ass for sharing their opinion of an author’s books,  feel free to think me an ass too.)  I just think it ironic, gosh I’ve used that word three times now, that someone who had had a reputation himself of publishing trashy books would trash someone else’s work in such a public way.

Mr. King’s books will always be apart of me though, a part of my history and a connection to my mother.  I’m grateful for that and wish him and his fans well.  I just won’t be reading anymore of his work.  Well… perhaps someday I will reread the Dark Tower series to remember who I once was.

So I ask again; Is there an author you used to love that you fell out of love with or no longer read?


8 thoughts on “Monday Morning Question

  1. When I was younger, I remember devouring the Goosebumps books, by R.L. Stine. I also read a lot of Ann M. Martin, who wrote The Baby-Sitters Club, and many other books. That was way before I was a book reviewer, or even a blogger. I think I stopped reading them because I discovered the YA genre. Great post! :D


  2. Nice post! I really like Stephen King (although I haven’t read everything he’s written)… right now I am having problems reading two authors. Mainly because I’m tired of their repetitive stories.
    1) Charlaine Harris – I still can’t read the ‘last few’ Sookie Stackhouse books… because I just can’t take it anymore… I can’t, I just can’t…
    2) James Patterson – I think I just need to read some of his other stuff, because the Alex Cross series is starting to annoy me. I just finished reading Roses Are Red and it ends on a pretty big cliffhanger, so now I have to read Violets Are Blue, but I really don’t want to….


    1. Thanks! I’ve given up on Harris as well. One of those people not fond of the Sookie ending. Vowed to never read another one of her books again. Patterson I’ve only read a couple of his books, his short chapters puzzle me. Thanks for sharing!


  3. This is pretty interesting. I actually prefer his NEWER works to his older ones. While I couldn’t pinpoint in what way exactly, I definitely agree that his writing style has changed over the years. The author I’ve fallen out of love with is sadly J.K. Rowling. I listened to the audiobook of The Casual Vacancy during some long work road trips, and almost said to h3ll with it several times. In my opinion, she should have stayed in the children/young adult fantasy genres.


    1. I’m not so sure that I would even enjoy his older works anymore, that’s why I’m sure I’ve changed as well. I’ve yet to meet someone that enjoyed Casual Vacancy, so I think there are plenty of people who agree with you. I’ve never tried it, although I’ve had patrons suggest it to me, misery loves company I guess. It just didn’t sound like something I wanted to read. Thanks for sharing!


  4. There are probably several.,,,some died, so I can’t read their books. However, my taste in reading, while still varies with moods – lol, has changed. Here’s my no longer reads:

    Stephen King – just don’t enjoy
    Stephanie Meyer – liked Twilight series, but other fell a bit flat

    Some authors I still read, but not as frequently due to $$
    JR Ward – loved most of her books
    Koontz – love his writing, but $
    Lora Leigh – love the breed series but it’s getting $$

    I’ve found a lot of indies that write great stories and I can actually afford lots of them…why pay more?


  5. Hello Georgianna, It is nice to meet you, online at least, I have admired your book covers for Jackie for quite some time now. I love the independent authors too, so many great titles available by some really talented authors. There are some authors I will always collect, but I’m finding I don’t run out and buy the book as fast as I used to, course that could be I’ve been trapped on the farm due to this horrid winter that won’t end. Thanks for stopping by and sharing!


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