Slight change of plans and why I should not be allowed…

…to visit a library or bookstore or yard sale or online bookstores…

Hello my name is Amy (welcome Amy) and I have a book problem.  I can not resist the temptation to bring home books.  I don’t really see it as a problem, but my husband might beg to differ.  Anyways,  I was planning on reading off my to-read bookcase that sits in my bedroom and mocks me every night with ever growing stacks of books upon books.  I turn away only to have my three, count them three, e-readers join in on my condemnation.  So I came up with this plan of only reading new authors in the month of March and clearing off some of those books before I am forced to bring home a bigger bookcase or die a slow death after being burred under the avalanche of books that will someday come crashing down upon me as a really big train passing by shakes them loose.  I started out good, got through a few titles, despite the distraction of this shinny new blog, which is quite frankly like crack to a socially deprived opinionated person such as myself.  Then I come to the Charley Davidson series and LOVED it.  I popped over to neighboring library’s website and check to see if they carry the next books in the series, you know for next month…or whenever…  Only to see that they do.  Books 2-5 are there…and they are all in.  They could be mine after a quick 18 mile trip (both ways).  NO AMY, I tell myself.  You promised to stick to your reading plan.  They have the books and they will continue to have them NEXT month.  But what if someone checks them out.  What if someone doesn’t return them.  They are there now. I must go NOW.  After some mental talking down and promises of a trip there on the first of next month. I manage to last a total of 3 days before I am at the circulation desk of aforementioned library asking ‘Do you have a limit on how many books a patron can check out of a series at one time?’

So here we are, I have come to the realization that I have no willpower when it comes to a book I really want to read.  Hence why I should not be allowed in a place that houses books, and lets you take them home for free or after purchase.  I hang my head in shame (over book 2: Second Grave on the Left) and promise myself and you that I will return to my March reading goal of only new authors after I finish these four books.  Cause now that I checked them out and they are due in two weeks and I don’t wish to deprive another reading addict of their fix.  This does give my readers more time to vote on my poll to pick my next read.  I have I think 4 votes, one of them mine… You can find it over on this post, Pick My Next Read Poll. 

Well I’m off for a weekend of binge reading.  See you Monday or my next review.


4 thoughts on “Slight change of plans and why I should not be allowed…

      1. Hahaha. My fiance made me promise I would only buy books on my wish list, hoping to discourage me from impulsive buying. It worked for a while, but now I add books to said list on almost a daily basis, so I think it’s a lost cause. :)


      2. lol :) That’s one way around it. I tell the hubby that there are only a certain number of authors I auto buy. Mainly because I do work in a library and have access to almost any book I want with Inter-library loans. However I have noticed my list of authors I collect is growing…


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