Monday Morning Question


Thought I would start a new weekly feature for the blog.  This week my question or questions is/are: Do you read the comments and rating of a book left from other readers before you start a book?  If so, do you think that influences how receptive you are to the book?

The reason I ask is I recently tried reading Real Vampires Have Curves by Gerry Bartlett, and believe all the negative comments I was reading didn’t let me give the book a chance.  Some the points they were making, while valid opinions, might not have bothered me as much as if I had not read them.  Perhaps I should have just checked to see if there were more positive or negative opinions about the book and left it at that.  Also I have got to stop ordering or picking up second in series books before I give the first one a shot…  Anyway, now I feel bad, like I went into the book prejudices against it and didn’t even want to give it my normal 50-100 pages before giving up.  I’ve decided to set it aside for now and try again when the reviews are not so fresh in my memory.

So, what do you think?  Can bad reviews ruin a book for you?  What books have you enjoyed despite their bad reputation?


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