Bitten by Kelly Armstrong – 3 stars *spoilers*

This is book one of the series, Women of the Otherworld. This is a new author to me and I would have liked to give it 3.5 stars, but just couldn’t justify giving it 4 stars. I have mixed feelings about this book. It reminded my of Kim Harrison and Laurell K. Hamilton, Harrison I love and Hamilton I didn’t care for even though I stuck her series out for several books. The main comparison with this series and Hamilton is that I didn’t care for the main character, Elena, and didn’t have a problem with the supporting character, in fact I liked them quite a bit. This author also LOVES flashbacks…a lot. Personally I think they are alright, except for when they are overdone and kill the momentum of the story line, which was a big problem for the first 200 pages of this book. If you have so much to tell why not write a whole separate book and put that information there? The second half of the book got better, there were still flash backs all the way up till the end, but in the second half they didn’t overpower the story line so much. The second half of the book save this from a much lower rating and even convinced me to give the next one a go and continue the series. Some of the trouble I had was it is just a first in a series and it takes a bit to get used to a new world and characters, which is why it is so important to keep the story moving at a good pace and not bog it down with too many details. I needed to be hooked with the action then learn to care for the characters.

One of the problems I mentioned I had was that I didn’t like the main character Elena, let me tell you why. First off she doesn’t like who she is, I understand she was turned against her will, but if you don’t like yourself how can you expect me to. I also didn’t approve of how she jumped back into bed with Clay, I know once wasn’t really consensual, but still later times it was. She was in a committed relationship with Philip. End of sentence… What ever amount of history you have with someone it doesn’t negate the fact that you are cheating on your partner. If you want to start sleeping with your ex end it with your current boyfriend first. I can understand hiding the fact that you are a werewolf from him, but leaving the guy with no explanation for such an extended amount of time and then cheating on him while gone does not a heroine in my eyes make you. She also comes off a little of a brat towards Clay for much of the book. I understand that he changed you against you will, but get over it already or cut him out of your life completely. No wonder Clay was so obsessed with her, if she wanted nothing to do with him she should have made a clean break years ago. Elena gets better towards the end, once she starts accepting her feelings for Clay and that she is and forever will be a werewolf. I just wanted to smack her a couple of time and tell her to straighten up. Sure the life she expected to have was taken away from her, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t have the family she always wanted in the pack. These men were saints to put up with her for so long.

The problem that needed solving in the book was compelling and kept me reading when the drama of Elena’s life made me want to throw the book against the wall. I liked the dynamics of the the pack and as I mentioned before all the supporting characters were great…why couldn’t we have been in one of their heads. It is an interesting world and now that Elena isn’t such an issue for me I look forward to trying the next book in the series.

Did you read this book? Disagree with my review or rating? Leave a comment…


2 thoughts on “Bitten by Kelly Armstrong – 3 stars *spoilers*

  1. I read this book a few years back and am now watching the TV series. I wasn’t a big fan of Elena either, but take heart, the series does get better and more interesting.


    1. Ooo, I didn’t realize it was a TV series, that is how new this author is to me… Glad to know it isn’t just me, and thank goodness the series gets better. It will make sticking with it worth while. Sometimes first in series are just like that. Jeaniene Frost’s first book in her Night Huntress series was like that for me too. Stuck with that one and it ended up being one of my favorite series.


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