New Author Month: March Reading Goal

Thought I would try something new for March.  I’m going to spend the month reading only authors I have never read before and only one of their books.  If I like the series I will just add the next book to the to-read shelf. The past few weeks I have been cleaning up my Nook and bookshelf catching up on all the latest releases in series I follow. I am all caught up, for the most part, and I thought it might be fun to try finding some new authors to love.  Are there any authors you love that you would suggest?

I will also have one book to get through this month outside of my normal reading tastes. The library I work for participates in the All Iowa Reads program and this month we will be getting this year’s selection, Little Wolves by Thomas Maltman, so I will be reading that as well. I hope it is better than previous year’s selections, I have yet to really enjoy one of the books this progam selects.  Have any of you read it?  What did you think?

I will also be introducing a feature to my blog next week, Top Ten Tuesday.  Now I know this isn’t a totally original idea, I’ve seen it or something similar done on other blogs, but still might be fun.

2014 reading goal 104 books. Books read as of end of February 35.  I think I might need to adjust my goal…


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