The Darkest Night by Gena Showalter – 2 Stars

Book Description on Goodreads.

This is book one of the Lords of the Underworld series. I had trouble getting into this book. The characters were fine and the plot sounded interesting, but I realized around page 200 felt like I was still waiting for the story to begin and wondering how much of this world worked.

My main problems are:

  • The story moved very slow in the first half of the book, nothing really happens besides the building of Ashlyn and Maddox’s relationship or bond.
  • Who is the bad guy? It took until page 220 for us to even meet them, and not talking about the hunters which are little more than cannon fodder. The real bad guys don’t come out until the very end of the book and then are taken out with no fanfare at all, very anticlimactic.
  • The chemistry between this band of brothers felt off for much of the first half of the book. That could be just that this is a first in series and sometimes it takes a bit to work those relationships out.
  • At times it felt like the author was trying to weave humor into the story, but it didn’t work. These are serious men, very serious and plagued with nasty demons some of the lighter elements she tried just didn’t work for me.

That being said I did enjoy the ending. The last 100 pages were my favorite of the book, still felt like I was waiting for it to end, but the story picked up and started moving at a better pace. I liked the two leads and think they are a good pairing, she stand up to him and he is able to find peace through her. I really liked Maddox once he started getting a better hold on his demon, but some of the other men in the house (…castle?) I think might be more interesting. I enjoyed the fun character that was introduced to Ashlyn at the very end and look forward to learning more about her. Yep, I continuing on. I own book three and can get book two from the library so I will give the series three shots to hook me. I hope it does, I enjoy a good series and this one has a lot of titles to keep me going for a while…if I can get into it. Several of my friends have given it high ratings, so maybe I am just missing something. This author has written many books and this is my first one, perhaps some of her other titles would appeal to me more.

Have you read this book,  what did you think?   Read another title by this author you can recommend?

Thought of one other thing that bothered me after posting. We never do get an explanation as to why Ashlyn is hearing voices from the past. Is she part some mythical being, creature or something else?


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