It’s not you, it’s me…

…okay maybe it’s you.  Signs I’m just not that into the book I’m reading.

  • I start looking for chores to do instead of reading; the dishes, cleaning the bathroom, moving firewood, rearranging cupboards, say does the dinning room need to be painted.
  • I struggle to read even 50 pages a day, my normal average is 100-200 pages.
  • My mind wanders while I’m reading.  I start thinking about those chores that need to be done, conversations from earlier in the day, week, last year.
  • I start skimming.
  • I reread the same sentences over and over again, because I wasn’t paying attention the first time I read them.
  • I don’t picture anything in my head.  When I read the words disappear and it is like a movie playing in my head.
  • I start hanging out online way too much.  My Pinterest boards start having a bunch of new pins.

Right now I’m almost done with a book I’m struggling with.  Some of it is the shinny new blog distraction, but some of it is the book just isn’t catching me.   So why am I continuing to struggle with it?  Well I have the next two in the series, and it really isn’t awful just not going anywhere.  I also paid for this book and one of the next ones in the series.  NOT a lot, picked them up at a library book sale, but still I brought them home, paid money for them I should read them.  Well it probably is because I’m just waiting for it to get better, there are like 10 books in the series.  Surely there wouldn’t be so many if it wasn’t popular and some people enjoyed it.  Hope to finish up today and then I’ll let you know more in the review.

What do you do when you don’t like or can’t get into the book you’re reading?  Give up? Stick it out?


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